Blue Line for Psion Series 5 and Revo

Written by Philip Abbey

Blue Line is a software package intended for bellringers who own a Psion PDA. It can be used to view the line for any method and "ring" it. Blue Line can extract methods from the regularly updated place notation files freely available from the web. This means a ringer can always have any line he/she would ever be asked to ring at a moments notice, available in his/her pocket.

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Licence Details

(C) Copyright 2002, Philip Abbey

This software is intended to be FREEWARE. As such no one may make profit from it without my express permission. At present, users are encouraged to donate what they think the software is worth towards the belfry funds of St. Mary's, Cheltenham.


The software is provided as-is. Whilst every effort has been made to test it thoroughly, no guarantees can be made about its fitness for purpose. I will endeavour to fix any reported bugs, but only on a 'best effort' basis. I cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the use of this software and therefore the end user uses this software at his/her own risk. You may try to contact me for support, but again this will be on a 'best effort' basis.

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